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''I was a respected member of my community before. Now I feel like I'm in hiding, hushed, silenced. Not knowing what will happen, it becomes worrisome.''

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CAERS - Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System.

An independent reporting system created by Canadians, for Canadians. 

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CAERS President- Max

In 2009 Max was severely injured by the H1N1 vaccine. Seeking help, he went to two different Medical Doctors who could not explain why he had lost 30 lbs in 10 days. Neither were able to give him a diagnosis or treatment and refused to acknowledge that this was due to the vaccine despite the fact that the symptoms started the day after the shot. Left to his own devices, Max went to a local Apothecary and the pharmacist was able to give him something that gave him relief within a few days. Despite that improvement, at least once a year he would fall severely ill. No one could explain what was going on. Four years ago, during a particularly severe flare up he was rushed to an acute care hospital in Calgary, the doctor stating "we need to get him to Calgary right now or we are going to lose him".

Because of his own experiences of being ignored by the medical system until he needed critical care, Max has become passionate in his quest to give others who have been injured a voice. He developed the CAERS system to provide the thousands of Canadians whose injuries have been ignored by the medical establishment and Health Canada a way to tell their story and begin to heal. 

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