What is CAERS?

CAERS stands for Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System. It is an adverse event reporting system separate from Government and Public Health agencies across Canada.

Our volunteers are determined to provide an accurate depiction of possible adverse events individuals have experienced due to the COVID-19 inoculation program.

Our model is based on a triage system where the user will submit their reaction along with any relevant medical information. Each submission will be evaluated by administrative staff and placed in triage.

The triage team of health care providers will evaluate each submission. If you have consented to further evaluation, you will then be contacted by a member of the triage team.

CAERS is actively seeking to facilitate diagnosis, treatment, legal actions, data analysis and provide testimonials for public inquiries and debates, and/or commissions to your benefit by reaching out to collaborate with other organizations and professionals.

CAERS data is not stored directly on our website server. Our database is facilitated by industry leading software which offers some of the highest security available to us today.